"Art is a bridge to connecting my inner world with the outside world."

Hello, I have finished the design
Artist agenda with lunar calendar 2021
The print has the format DIN A5 and DIN A 6 with 355 pages. It contains 14 good color art prints. There are also two art color prints on the front and back. Each month begins with the lunar calendar with the phases of the moon and their transits through the various signs of the zodiac.
Each calendar page has a part with lines for writing and a blank part for drawing or scribbling, depending on your imagination.

Everything is produced on recycled paper, except for the color prints, so that the color images are clearer and color-correct.
On some pages you will find various texts, such as Reflections on art, short poems and thoughts scattered around the year in the calendar.
If you want to buy some kind of Agenda 2021, it is important to let me know as soon as possible so that I can get it to print on time.



I work in the creation of sculptures, objects, installations, visual actions and I write about creativity, art pedagogy, reflections on contemporary art and poetry.
My earlier relation with poetry and literature led me to experiment with my sculptural work as a kind of writing through the different materials, as you observe  and touch the graphism between reliefs and textures of the sculptures or in gestural brushstrokes in painting.





On  lockdown, everyday I had been sitting in my studio at home for drawing. I was looking how the blossoming coming at the springtime,  in the small garden. In the afternoon I looked for  a terrace near my house, to  feel the sun, while  I am drawing at the same time.


This is a part of my way,  how  I managed every day during, I asking myself for the  meaning of the lockdown situation.


Here a  detail of my painting "Spring 2020"



I want my steps on earth to be caring because I want to thank her for receiving me. Gives me shapes, colors, their beauty and their mystery, which I breathe in with my breath, which connects me with everything created.













Title: untitled

Painting on Paper, Mixed techniques,

Size: 33 X 25 cm

(13 x 10 inches)


„Cartografía Orgánica“

 Traveling exhibition in Berlin
August 29th - September 5th



Title: Rosados

Painting on canvas

Size: 46 x 33 cm






From my Totem series


Totem II

Size: 19,5 x 32,5  x 4,5 cm

For more information please contact me.

Blue Sculpture made for the exhibition Organic Cartography
Sculpture Aquatic incisions, Mixed technique,
Year: 2018
Even before reason exists the internal movement that extends towards what is proper to it.

Plotino III.4, 6

see also my sculpture page




Exhibición “La Materia y sus Giros”  compuesta de diferentes obras entre pinturas y esculturas en La Guayaba sala de Arte en el 2014 enTenerife. Realización de un performance para su inauguración-


Preparándome para lectura de poemas junto a otras participantes.

exposición Berlin 2001
Eine Tür unter dem Himmel von Berlin




Title: A door under the Berlin sky
"Eine Tür unter dem Himmel von Berlin"

Exhibition in Berlins 2001

Sculpture installation proposal. Where different materials intervened in its realization.

Ancient door intervened with pieces of stoneware and oxides burned in high tempera in oxidation atmosphere, electric oven in the workshop of a German ceramist in Berlin who lent me his workshop to work.


Painting Soft textures, line plays and the contrast of black on the different shades of blue, suggesting a certain movement of marine waters.
Ideario de transeúnte

Project "Ideario de transeúnte"

This painting is part of a series of paintings made for the exhibition project "Ideario de transeúnte". Trying this way my experience of living in Spain, Tenerife.


Soft textures, line plays and the contrast of black on the different shades of blue, suggesting a certain movement of marine waters.


Painting Paper mixedmedia.

Measurements: 11,5 X 11,9 inch (39 x 29 cm).


 see also my painting page

What inspires me?

Poetry has given me the tremendous clarity to understand other ways in which my emotions and sentiments, intellect resonate with each other. And in between, a new passage is created for me ….

Painting below:

Abstract on paper, mixed media.

Size: 50 x 46 cm (appx. 19,68 x 18,11 inch)


 see also my painting page


Sun reflections

Aesthetic intuition of my being in accordance with the cosmic astral.


May the sun and its rays accompany us in this spring-point, beginning with a strong full moon. Both light sources accompany us in this new cycle.  This creativity and our potentials match.

Happy spring equinox with its full moon.


The SPRING with its COLORS

I greet the flowers and the butterflies, lazily awakened by the warmth.

What a balm to be able to paint SPRING and its COLORS.

Painting on paper, watercolor ink.

20 x 27 inches, 50 x 69.5 cm


 see also my painting page


Turquoise Delta
Turquoise Delta





Turquoise Delta

This is a sculpture that was born after looking at the marine waters of the Athenas and their coasts.


Mixed media,

28 x 13 x 2 cm.








Thank you to every ancestral woman who made my presence possible, to every encounter between the beings who came together to create this existence.

Mixedmedia artificial stone





With the subject of circularity I have made different works from sculptures to paintings.



Mixedmedia artificial stone

Year: 2018


The Creative Processes from the Visual Arts, towards an Integral Education.


Training course in Tenerife-Spain.


A nice experience for all people, and for me as a plastic artist to share my experience of more than 20 years. All sensitive, open to each other, in the proposed space.






Two landscapes where inspiration comes from everyday life.


The Atlantic Ocean where I live and my studio.




Me asomo en cada obra a la posibilidad de ser de ambas.


Pieza de la serie Aros azules.

para el proyecto expositivo "la materia y sus giros"





Painting on paper

 Acrylic, watercolor, tinta, mixed media

 Measures: 29,7 x 23 cm.

Con mis hadas, musas, ancestros, cada elemento que me organiza y desordena para construir otros órdenes, cada piedra de lava de este charco donde el mar se levanta, el fuego solar potente me centella, partícula luminosa que espero afuera y dentro de mí, entre todas me han asignado memorias. Aquí he construido un recinto de alquimia con mi estudio de arte, es al norte de Tenerife, su costa donde ubico una geografía afectiva, para vivir en un estado de creación.

Mi proyecto artístico está relacionado con el bienestar, con la integración de nuestras capacidades, donde abordo los procesos creativos a través de la expresión artística desde sus lenguajes plásticos, como son la pintura, el modelado en la cerámica y la escritura creativa. En los cursos de formación y talleres que dicto, en las actividades incluyo el contacto con el cuerpo, la respiración, incluso la forma de alimentarnos. Como canales hacia una interioridad en exploración, a punto de aflorar y expresarse.


Painting, paper, mixed media

Size: 11,41 x 11,41 inch. 29 x 29 cm.








In my studio with my cat Malandrosky next to the elements and the magic of the day. Like a condescending magician, he knows what it means to prepare the table for painting.









Paint watercolor facing the Atlantic sea. The sea water, the sun, vital elements, such as the State of Creation in which I like to be.


I go to the creative with this breath, with all the components that make me, Water, earth, fire, air, ether.









... the function of art .... "bring to consciousness the highest aspirations of the spirit" Hegel ... "bring to consciousness" is a process of realization ... .. Herbert Read Art and Alienation.

The Art I do has to do with the cosmic, physical and organic relationship, nature. In space, it is at the same time an atom, a cell, breath, vegetable, ovule, spermatozoon, micro and dust of stars, macrocosm.

I am letting the images appear and they are forming a kind of cosmogony, where I include myself in a geographical area, a continent, a planet within a galaxy barely intuited in its magnitude of universality, which allows me to swim among the fantasy of the infinite, of this presence Lunar girdle bordering body, border of a body.
Reflections on Art and its poetics. M.C.G.
Detail Sculpture silver leaf, Tea wood
presencia,                                                                                             corpórea bordering, border of a body         


My homage to the winter solstice 21st December 2018

Winter solstice

We embrace the great alchemical sun of each of us and share their rays with us.

I will continue to paint, sculpting, writing, as an infinite allegory of the universe that composes me.

Thanks to all the people who accompanied me.















The magic of the Totem

The symbol of the totem denotes the mythical connection of the human being with nature and its manifestations, as in the form of animals, plants, but also mountains, rivers or springs.
The knowledge of the human connection with the phenomena of nature is deep and is rooted in the collective unconscious, in the transpersonal.
In today's so-called sophisticated, technically rational world, this knowledge has often been lost. The loss of this knowledge leads to the impoverishment of mental development and individual creativity.

Totems as archetypal archetypes form a bridge between the collective unconscious and the development of the individual unconscious in human existence. This knowledge was cultivated among original peoples by the shamans and found its expression in the form of symbolic images, as in totems.
Today it can be artists who have deeper access to that content of the collective
unconscious, which they show us through some artistic works to get a glimpse of the original, of the transpersonal.



„Cartografia Orgánica“   Exhibition opened in Santa Cruz

Poetry reading, accompanied by the poet Elica Ramos and singer Juan Mesa. Thanks to Pedro Galindo, the dear friend and photographer, for his sensitive and attentive Kliks, during the opening of the exhibition.


in Santa Cruz from the 4th to the 29th of October 2018

Gallery LA MUSA, Adeje - Caleta