I live by the art   - אני גר אמנות  -  yo vivo el arte

 I want confidants, not only clients !



I have been developing my artworks since 1990.

I write poetry and as well I teach art in different disciplines. My studio is located near the coast on Tenerife, between a wonderful ocean and mountains, which allow me to inspire in order to express my human esthetic, philosophical and inner inquietude on my works. In a constant relationship with my social environment, where I actively participate for a harmony between nature and human, I looking for a constant equilibrium on the continuous movement. On this site I will show you some of my artworks, wishing to spread my artistic expression.

I introduce you another form of knowing my artworks through which I want to reach to all of you which help me to continue my creative growth.

Do you like colored “Vibrant wall Art” ?

On the next pages I show you some of my works ...

abstract paintings, acrylic, watercolor, ink, mixed media, sculpture on wood.

Thank you for your interest

My name is Matilde,

I was born in Caracas-Venezuela. I studied fine arts at the School Cristobal Rojas of Fine Arts in Caracas.  Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Buenos Aires (Argentina) and did my studied on The Creative Process on the  art and  education.

In addition to my training as a multidisciplinary artist and art teacher, I have been training with Jeannette Díaz, architect of the Faculty of Architecture at the Central University of Venezuela, with degrees in creativity and innovation. In addition, I studied at the Center for Young Students, Creative Writing, Jungian Foundations, Mythology and Shadows; with Judith Moscow, Magali González and Alejandro Suárez in Caracas.

In the workshop "Art and Myth" with María Teresa Solá: Junguiana Psychology Recoleta Cultural, Buenos Aires in Argentina.

I also participated in workshops on creativity, personality development, methodology and theoretical foundations with Fidel Moccio, Buenos Aires, Argentina. This was followed by further therapeutic work groups for stress management and prevention.

Circles ....... Textures ..........


that make their way over the surface

Perennial symbols of my ancient memory

where I search for a glimpse,

another sign to integrate.


We are not flat tables.

That, which perpetuates and inmortalises

the human essence, is printed on us.


The plants

Fertile soil

I search in material elements

for the telluric power

to inmolate my absence of faith

I anticipate, I go back,

I blur that constant image

where shapes dissappear

to reorganise them from my inside.


Matilde C.G          (Translation by Mara)