I live by the art   - אני גר אמנות  -  yo vivo el arte

 I want confidants, not only clients !


When we travel to other landscapes, we look with other eyes, and in different ways to say something like "agua, sed, water or I'm thirsty”, sad or glad.

Who can describe the amazing sensation’s to be open and to be in contact with our inside child and our secret wisdom?


Winter 2021 is starting, and I will have my private studio and gallery here in Berlin.

 My first experience with snow, seeing snow, walking over ice, touching the white cold how it is.

My name is Matilde,


I´m a visual Artist, was born in Caracas-Venezuela, I studied fine arts at the School Cristobal Rojas of Fine Arts in Caracas.  Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Buenos Aires (Argentina) and did my studied on.


I was living in Tenerife Spain and currently I have my studio in Berlin.


I work in the creation of sculpture, objects, installations, and visual action, and write poetry, my reflection about art, education, and the creative process.


As a multidisciplinary artist, I have been developing my sculptural, paintings, and artist books for more than 20 years. Sculptures on different supports and with different materials, reliefs, textures, calligraphy and symbology, which have emerged from a syncretic language. And also teacher y worked Art therapy.


I have participated in various debates, round tables and congresses. Women's project, conferences, among other activities. Currently she continues teaching, where she focuses on education through art, from creativity as an inexhaustible source for expression, playfulness and therapy, towards human growth, linking the social, sensitivity intercultural and the integration of individual potentials. Giving training to teachers, professors, working directly with adults, children.


I teach drawing and painting courses, sculptural ceramics. He constantly continues to study, research and practice, on creativity, art pedagogy. Uniting art-health-wellness. practices yoga since 1995, and at present mindfulness.