My Hanami - Ritual Performance in Berlin 2022

We reach the path of planted cherry trees and leave behind the remains of the wall that separated the two German states and Europe. Fortunately, that time is long gone.
I listen to the birds and their various songs, the intermittent silences that create a different sonority in which I can drop and feel the sun, the silence that removes the tensions of the now on this side of the planet. What was once a violent dividing wall is now planted with sakura - cherry blossoms, a Japanese cherry tree that blossoms every spring, thanks to Japan, which knows wars, with its symbol of trees and flowers, a gift for me who has just moved to Berlin.
Lying under the domes of the trees and seeing the blue sky crackle through the pink branches and flowers is an experience that opens the heart and the senses, that sensitises you without words, and I think it was at that moment that my intention to make a symbolic celebration  art performance was born.

Exhibition - Galeria Lunasol - Berlin 2019

Itinerant Organic Cartography

Three landscapes, making a route among sculptures and paintings.

Matilde Cánepa González Yen-KaninArte

Organic Cartography, a compilation of pictorial works by Matilde Cánepa González and Travesía por la paz by Damelis Castillo are joined in this project, two languages and two creators with their passions and dreams come true. The elaboration of this small video thanks to Imran Fargas Cánepa.

Yen-Kanin Arte

Mati's Sculpture and Totem Artworks